Stay Safe. Booking out quick for spring/summer. 6G also going on. All drop offs tested.
Stay Safe. Booking out quick for spring/summer. 6G also going on. All drop offs tested. 

We are now running a "PIPE LINER" course. Well be doing 5g downhand and Branch weld cutting prepping and welding. 6010, 7010, 8010 electrodes.  We can run a "Demonstration" class. 5 or more welders watching the cutting, prepping and welding. We also have courses for the welder to do the cutting prepping and welding.

PIPE LINER is in !!! Learn exactly from professionals how to make these very difficult welds and preps.



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We have schedules that run 6 days a week and several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules to meet client/student needs.


Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


We also schedule weekends. For testing and our new welding workshop/clinic programs.

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