NYSDOT, AWS ATF can be arranged, asme 6G
NYSDOT, AWS ATF can be arranged, asme 6G


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Whats new at The Welding Expert

We have implemented for 2019:


An intense "workout" for boiler making repairs. Geared towards tube prep, window welds, and internal welds. Following the same guidelines as our code stamp company requirements. We will use tig welding and we will also be using tube panel mock ups. It is an advanced course for welders looking to up their skill level. We were asked if we can get more into the prepping by hand and mimicking some field conditions. So, here we go. Call or text for schedules and pricing!


Welding clinics on weekends. They can range from 2 hrs to 8 hrs. 50 to 80% of the money can be applied to training courses. 


A "Welding Services" page. We will be providing welding services to the area.


A "Welder Process Usage Program" to keep welders qualified as per code requirements. With 6 month Process Usage forms being submitted to us. 


We have begun a "Remote Welder Testing" program. Allowing welders from across the country to send in plates, be tested, AND be included in our process usage program. It will be equipped with ID cards, and Process Usage forms for continuity. We can also supply the test coupons with the MTR if needed.


Coming soon:

You tube channel 


A live Facebook feed from our welding booths


A "Portal" for welders within the "Remote Welder Testing", and potential employers, to view their status.


An App for welders to sign up for these programs, sign up for clinics and view updated info on welder qualifications. For the App, we are asking if there is anything specific the welder wants us to tie into it for them? You can use the contact form and let us know what would be most useful. Welding forms, control variables, weld videos from live feed...

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