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TWE II is now contracting, and collaborating with several ATFs to bring you welding certifictions for the AWS ATF program. to our location in Farmingdale.


TWE II has developed a new workshop, specific to the AWS ATF testing of SMAW 1" thick plate 3G and 4G for welders to obtain the NYCDOB welders license. For welders who currently are welding and just need the inside scoop on welding and testing these plates. That extra bit of confidence in knowing exactly what is being tested, the techniques to weld the test, and how it is being tested.


We have a 4 hr workshop which can easily include the 3G 4G AWS ATF test. Need more time. We can extend it to 6 or 8 hours as needed. The workshops can be run during the week or weekends with 1 up to 8 welders. Then thru our contracting with the AWS ATFs, tests can be schedulued on a Saturday, in groups, in this shop. This is an incredibly intense training program and super opportunity. Gets right to the technique of passing these bend tests. 


This is in addition to our more in-depth courses. Full or partial courses can run a few weeks to a few months. Still including the AWS ATF test as indicated above.


Want the NYSDOT 3G and 4G test instead, or in addition to the AWS ATF. Come on in. We have dates every month for the rest of this year. Combne tests get even bigger discounts !!!!!!!

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We have schedules that run 6 days a week and several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules to meet client/student needs.


Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


We also schedule weekends. For testing.

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