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TheWeldingExpert.com is proud to offer our “All-Inclusive” welding course.  This course not only introduces the students to the fundamental concepts of welding, but it also allows the students to apply those basic concepts into real, practical field experience with the oversight of a skilled instructors (who have over 40+ years in the welding business).  Students will progress from basic plate welding through the more advanced skill of pipe welding and will be prepared to qualify for ASME Code welding in all positions and for all thicknesses.  The course progresses at an intensive but manageable pace in order for our clients to see results quickly and for the students to fully grasp the skills and concepts being taught!


Phase I

This phase is designed to introduce the students to the craft of welding.  Students will learn basic terms and their definitions, and will become intimately familiar with how to set-up and operate various pieces of welding equipment.  They will be instructed in how to weld safely, and what personnel protective equipment is required for the various welding processes.  Participants will receive a general orientation into the Shielded Metal Arc Welding, and Gas Metal Arc Welding (SMAW and GMAW) processes, including definitions of terms and safety and health mandates specific to that process.

Students will begin, under the supervision of a certified instructor, to utilize the equipment and weld on plates in the flat position.  By the end of Phase I, students will be able to weld beads (pad weld) on a plate in the flat position utilizing the SMAW/GMAW process.


Phase II

Once students have mastered the flat position of plate, they will advance into Phase II.  During this phase, the students will progress from the flat position of plate to Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead position of plate.  The students will utilize tee joints and open root joints in order to learn these various positions.  Phase II is designed specifically to upgrade and improve upon the previous SMAW/GMAW welding skills obtained during Phase I of this program.  By the end of phase II, participants will be able to weld steel plate in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.


Phase III

This phase of the course is designed to introduce the participants to pipe welding in various positions and to prepare the skilled welder for either a Pipe Welding Qualification Test or for periodic code testing that they may be subject to.  Once again, a certified, hands-on instructor will guide students on how to weld steel pipe in all positions in a uphill direction.  Students will watch and then execute their own welding on a 6” Pipe in the 5g, 2g, positions and 2” Pipe in the 5g, 2g, positions.


Phase IV

The final phase of this all-inclusive course is designed to teach the students the requirements of ASME IX for the various qualifications.  The objective is to qualify as per ASME IX in multiple qualifications testing for all positions and all thicknesses. Students will learn pipe preparation as well as specific welding techniques for ASME IX.


Each participant that successfully completes the course will be given a certification showing what processes and skills he/she is qualified in. Code certifications will also be received as the tests are passed.

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