60 %.   


We've incorporated new techniques and radiographic practice plates to ensure our welders, in our courses, know what to look for as they are welding, and when finished grinding the crowns. These techniques have increased the percentages dramatically. 


Between our 2 past NYSDOT test, February 2021 and March 2021, our welders acheived a 60% passing rate. YES !!! 60 percent of our welders received a card for either 1 positon or 2  !! Results are here for review!! Numbers don't lie !!!!!!!! 


We have special deals for people in our courses who do not do favorably, and need to retake a position, or train with a 50 hr letter!! 60 %%%%% is extremely high, from what we hear, for these particular tests. 


So whether you decide to test here, or we help place you somewhere else thru one of our workshops, rest assured you have gotten the training that propels the passing rates. Passing rates transfer into $$$$$$$$$. The set up, the welding, the grinding at the end. They are all key components of the test. This is the place to train !!!


Train where you have the best techniques, best equipment, ventilated booth, and readiographs to review your work. Even if you are not taking a course, we can incorporate the radiograph as part of the experience in a workshop.


Know when you are ready to test, don't guess just because you paid someone money and feel rushed.


As for ASME 6g we are running at a 95% passing rate !!!!!. Again, training technique is the key. Understanding the fit up criteria is crucial in passing. Anyone who did not pass had a 2nd attempt INCLUDED with their cost of the test. Find that somewhere else !!!!!!! if you do, we'll  beat it !!! 


All the welders that passed piping qualifications, are approved by NYCDOB for pipe welder qualifications. Cruise our site, there's plenty info here for training, testing, workshops, whatever you need for welders. 

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