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Friends, I've been asked to help clear something up, again. I am not affiliated and there are no remote testing facilities for AWS certifications. I was told there is a school in the bouroughs that is claiming to include testing for AWS ASME DOT and API, in their program. Then they have you either come to me or i go there. I have no contract or affiliation with them. KIndly let me know if anyone is telling you they are affiliated or giving you testing thru me. I will give $25 dollars off each test as a discount for you not being scammed. If I do affiliate or add locations, I will post here for all to see.Thank you.

They aren't certified. Customers are coming to me after spending tens of thousands and I can't use the 3g or 4g because the"welding schools" they paid give them "CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION". Whichever it is, "welding school in a plumbing or truck shop", "in someones garage", "schools in Brooklyn, NY, Queens and Long Island", "welding supply stores", they aren't going to get you a certification card to use for a licens in NYC. Then, you end up paying more. Come to the place that is the "only aws training and testing facility ATF under one roof on Long Island. We graduate 30-40 welders a month with AWS Cetified Welder cards for NYC Structural.




Call me and I'll walk you thru every step of the process and get you CERTIFIED!!!!!


Its gone on too long now. Hold on to your hard earned money. Receive what you pay for. This is your future!!!!


Our machine shop cuts our pieces the next day for the fastest results around. With one days notice we can set up just the testing for you. Walk in and walk out in a short time. We keep one welding station open for walk ins for welder qualification. We have a licensed Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff. Need welds inspected? Here we are! We have someone available in the evenings and on weekends as well as the day time. If you're interested in becoming a CERTIFIED welder just give a call or e mail.


Once again, you've asked and we responded!!!





Great News

Through our recent aqusitions in the Bronx, Queens, and Westbury Long Island, we are able to weld as a fully functional R STAMP shop. Including all NDE methods. We also have wellders in our shop for AWS, NYC and NYS STRUCTURAL WELDING.

so we are taking in small to medium sized jobs at the present time. ALL OUR WELDERS ARE DIRECTLY FROM OUR SCHOOL. SO YOU KNOW THEY HAVE THE CORRECT LICENSES CERTIFICATIONS, and SKILLS.




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We have schedules that run around the clock for testing. We have several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules that our clients work.


Our training hours run from 9 to 2 in the daytime and 5 to 8 in the evening. Any hours needed in between can be accomodted.


We also schedule weekends.

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