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NYSDOT is the option for NYCDOB


We are currently scheduling training and testing for NYS DOT plate tests. The NYS DOT is used for obtaining the NYC DOB welders qualification. Booths are very tight due to the scheduling restraints of NYSDOT. We will be adding welders on a first pay first serve basis. We do not know all dates yet. They are provided as we move along. We have welders signing up on the wait list. Dont delay, get on the list. THE NYS DOT is used for the Bridges and Tunnels. That combined with the NYC DOB is a win win situation. The Golden Ticket !!!!


As mentioned on other pages, we are able to assist in scheduling groups from either workshops or individuals to form a group, for the ATF test going thru 3rd party ATF facilities. Going thru the workshop gives you the best BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Beats any current pricing out there for such testing !!! Come ask, see try. Youll be convinced you can not get a better deal elsewhere. 




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