in opening of our AWS ATF if anyone failed a NYSDOT here or has a card with only 1 position form any other location, we will do an AWS ATF 3G 4G for half the price and bend  it here within 24hrs for a NYCDOB !!!
in opening of our AWS ATF if anyone failed a NYSDOT here or has a card with only 1 position form any other location, we will do an AWS ATF 3G 4G for half the price and bend  it here within 24hrs for a NYCDOB !!!
*AWS ATF Testing going on right now. D1.1 D1.4 (REBAR) ASME *API 1104 SMAW FCAW GTAW *Anyone who brings welders in for testing can earn 100'S for *referrals *Any CWI looking to get into learning ATF work and testing, shoot *me a text or email. We're *looking to expand to other locations & states *NYCDOB Liecense and NYCDOT available here *347 668 5396 *SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOT REQUIRED FOR AWS CARD AWS Certified Welder is a NYSED Industry Recognized Crendential Sign up today Be Recognized CHECK OUT THE AMAZING DEAL ON THE AWS PRICING PAGE. CAN'T BE BEAT
*AWS ATF Testing going on right now. D1.1 D1.4 (REBAR)  ASME  *API 1104 SMAW FCAW GTAW*Anyone who brings welders in for testing can earn 100'S for *referrals*Any CWI looking to get into learning ATF work and testing, shoot *me a text or email. We're *looking to expand to other locations & states*NYCDOB Liecense and NYCDOT available here*347 668 5396*SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOT REQUIRED FOR AWS CARDAWS Certified Welder is a NYSED Industry Recognized Crendential Sign up today Be Recognized  CHECK OUT THE AMAZING DEAL ON THE AWS PRICING PAGE. CAN'T BE BEAT

Training Programs

FREIENDS, STOP GOING TO THESE "BACKROOM" WELDING SCHOOLS". You know them. The ones in back of mehanic shops or someone's back yard. Welders have been coming here consistently, to redo tests, or retrain bc they can not pass the required tests for licensing. Same with many of the programs tied to curriculums.

They may apper at first to be less expensive, they are not. There is no value in only paying for time.



That's how confident we are. We do not have time frames or hours or time used, and then you are still not ready to test. That seems, well, suspect, at least.

That's not how we operate here. Never have. 14 years now,












All courses below can run in 3 levels depending on the clients needs. 

Beginner Intermediate and Advanced.

Call for hours and pricing. All quotes are designed to match the clients work schedule for the best time management. All quotes will be addressed as per the clients participation level.

So call text or email for these extremely beneficial courses and certiifcations. !!!!


1. NYC High pressure and low pressure pipe, in gas steam and oil


2. ASME Section IX 6G Pipe Welding E6010 & E7018

Can run from beginner to certified or pick up in between depending on your previous eperience. Tailored to fit each individual. 


3. D1.1 structural steel course. 3G and 4G AWS certifications can be obtained at end of course. See AWS ATF tab for instructions.

We can run this in 3 seperate courses depending on yur experience level

        Level 1. Beginner - flate plate tee joints

        Level 2. Intermediate - Out of position welds tee joints and groove welds

        Level 3. Advanced - For those interested in the AWS or NYSDOT 3G 4G unliited                                    position and thickness


4. NYS DOT Structural Welding, specifically used to obtain NYC DOB Welder License.

      Similar to the D1.1 full course, the weld techniques will be specific          to the NYSDOT testing method of radiograph. Specific techniques        for grinding, as well as start stops, as per the NYSDOT test will be addressed also.


We now offer Xray on a practice plates, if requested, to ensure a welders capability of an xray quality weld, before taking the NYSDOT. Thats not done in training locations at this time for practice,. It is an extremely valuable tool.


5. NYS DOT signature cards taken care of.


6. API 1104 – used for gas, steam, oil, utilities, E6010 downhand weld.

       Designated as our PIPELINER course, this will be welded all down         hand in the 5G position. E6010 and E7010 Electrodes. Butt and 

       branch welds can be done, or just the butt weld portion. 

7.  API 1104 on smaller butt weld using E6010 uphill root and E7018 uphill fill and cap.





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Business Hours

We have schedules that run 6 days a week and several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules to meet client/student needs.


Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


We also schedule weekends. For testing.

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