in opening of our AWS ATF if anyone failed a NYSDOT here or has a card with only 1 position form any other location, we will do an AWS ATF 3G 4G for half the price and bend  it here within 24hrs for a NYCDOB !!!
in opening of our AWS ATF if anyone failed a NYSDOT here or has a card with only 1 position form any other location, we will do an AWS ATF 3G 4G for half the price and bend  it here within 24hrs for a NYCDOB !!!
*AWS ATF Testing going on right now. D1.1 D1.4 (REBAR) ASME *API 1104 SMAW FCAW GTAW *Anyone who brings welders in for testing can earn 100'S for *referrals *Any CWI looking to get into learning ATF work and testing, shoot *me a text or email. We're *looking to expand to other locations & states *NYCDOB Liecense and NYCDOT available here *347 668 5396 *SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOT REQUIRED FOR AWS CARD AWS Certified Welder is a NYSED Industry Recognized Crendential Sign up today Be Recognized CHECK OUT THE AMAZING DEAL ON THE AWS PRICING PAGE. CAN'T BE BEAT
*AWS ATF Testing going on right now. D1.1 D1.4 (REBAR)  ASME  *API 1104 SMAW FCAW GTAW*Anyone who brings welders in for testing can earn 100'S for *referrals*Any CWI looking to get into learning ATF work and testing, shoot *me a text or email. We're *looking to expand to other locations & states*NYCDOB Liecense and NYCDOT available here*347 668 5396*SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOT REQUIRED FOR AWS CARDAWS Certified Welder is a NYSED Industry Recognized Crendential Sign up today Be Recognized  CHECK OUT THE AMAZING DEAL ON THE AWS PRICING PAGE. CAN'T BE BEAT

Click the link above to read about priorityplacements for applicants with welding qualifications and training. Remember, we are the ones, only ones, running ASME 6g training and qualification tests approved by NYCDOB for piping qualificaitons.  Read our approval letter under "APPROVALS". Required in the 5 bouroughs. We have worked with many welders who have gone right over to the Boilermakers union. So dont be fooled. TWE II have exactly what you need to join. Spots fill quickly. Dont hesitate. come by and talk. Many discounts going on. Boilermakers are giving out applications.   Boilermakers union gives priority to applicants with qualifications in ASME 6g.                                                                                          All of our ASME 6G tests are equal to the UA tests. We do the same tests as listed. UA-21 and UA- 22 as examples. All training is tax deductable. Avoid the long wait to get in school. 6 months or more. You can be fully qualified to ASME 6g right here in less than 6 months. All pipe qulifications re approved for NYCDOB pipe welders. Skilled welders are in demand in the boiler making and piping industry, union or not! They are almost nonexistent. We are creating intense several week workshops for welders to hone specific skills for the piping industry. Utilizing the code stamp qualifications for building and repairing boilers!!!                                         



Our newest path is in the training and testing of the piping codes. It seems there is a big push by the companies and jobs currently using ASME IX and API 1104. SCA is switching over and has several contracts for many years to come. We have converted most of our equipment and jigs to accommodate 2'', 6", 10" and 12" pipe training. We are in the process of adding 8 more welding booths. 


We are also planning on getting into the prepping of the piping and the fitting, not just the welding skill portions. Skilled fitters are required also. So we will be working towards fitting and welding. Window repairs and internal welds on waterwall tubes is a skill that we keep hearing is currently lacking.


We have designed a "workout" if you will, encompassing several disciplines of welding, going from smaw plate to gtaw pipe or tube all in the same program. Sort of a quick boot camp for current welders to up their skill level.


Union or non-union, we are training everyone. We are expanding equipment, booths. 


As usual we will be here 6 days a week, day and evening attendance as needed. While we are switching over we will continue our courses and testing.


Our machine shop can cut our pieces the next day for the fastest results around. With one days’ notice we can set up just the testing for you. Walk in and walk out in a short time. We keep several welding stations open for walk-ins for welder qualification. All qualifications are done to client specific code requests. We have someone available in the evenings and on weekends as well as the day time. If you're interested in becoming a welder just give a call or e-mail.


All of our full training courses can be arranged with any level of qualification you need. We can assist in arranging NYSDOT which will allow you to apply for the NYCDOB welder. NYCDOB for piping qualifications are done in our shop, to various codes including ASME and API 1104.


We can add you into our Welder qualification Program. Complete with 6 month renewals and welder ID cards qualifying to various codes. So call, come in, and discuss what’s needed for your future success!


Once again, you've asked and we responded!!!





Great News

Through our recent acquisitions in the Bronx, Queens, and Westbury Long Island, we are able to weld as a fully functional R STAMP shop. Including all NDE methods. We also have welders in our shop for AWS, NYC and NYS STRUCTURAL WELDING.

so we are taking in small to medium sized jobs at the present time. ALL OUR WELDERS ARE DIRECTLY FROM OUR SCHOOL. SO YOU KNOW THEY HAVE THE CORRECT QUALIFICATIONS, and SKILLS.



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We have schedules that run 6 days a week and several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules to meet client/student needs.


Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


We also schedule weekends. For testing.

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