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QC Manual/Calculations/NDE Procedure Performed For You

The Welding Expert II — Serving all your ASME R-STAMP / NATIONAL BOARD ENDORSEMENT and Welding Training Needs & Much, Much More!


Our principal ASME / National Board specaialists have over 60 years combinerd in the Pressure Vessel industry, specifically designated to obtaining and maintianing

ASME / National Board Endorsement procedures. From the welding to the filing of the repair, they have been involved at some point PERSONALLY  in every part of the repair procedure !!!




Welding on Boiler & Pressure Vessels?

Losing bids, or not able to bid  becuase you do not have an R stamp?

Sub contracting out a big chunk of the profits?


No need to do that anymore. We removed all the tedious, complicated, costly engineering and designing of the ASME R Stamp QC Manual and its mandatory componets of NDE Procedure and Calculations of the Demo piece as mandated by National Board..


All you need to do is file it and go to the review. All components have consulting time built in. Buy more components, get more time



The Welding Expert II's ASME / NATIONAL BOARD ENDORSEMENT R Stamp packages can be made as one full package or  receive just the componentts you need. A simple questionnaire, provided by to you, will enable it to be designed specifically to your company. Whether its 50 employees or just you, the manual will be taylor made to fit.

  • Demo piece calculations for ASME / NATIOANL BOARD R Stamp QC Manual
  • NDE procedure for R Stamp QC Manual

The Welding Expert II is a one stop shop that will handle all your welding code requirements from inception through final review. In addition, we can  provide ongoing QA/QC services, welding instruction, and much, much more!

Do you have a new set of calculations for your demo piece ?

Are your welding procedures up to code?

Or, maybe you no longer have the full range of capability needed to get you through a painless review?

Whatever your situation is, The Welding Expert II can help. Whether it is the calculations for the vessel piece, a review of your current QC manual, or the NDE Procedure needed, The Welding Expert II does it all! All of our documentation work is guaranteed to meet / exceed ASME code requirements.


.In addition, we can provide an ongoing Quality Control/Quality Assurance Service enabling our clients to maintain code compliance, lower costs and smooth the process from start to certificate.

Let this finally be the review that sets you at ease — have the confidence your company is deserving of, when you go through your review. No more uneasy questions or awkward moments.

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