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In 2023 we are promoting our Filing Service for NYCDOB Welder Licenes. All filing for renewals and initials are done on line now with NYCDOB, thru their welding portal. It has been a major issue for weldes using the portal. Licenses have expired.Wether it is equipment relaeed, (copiers, scanners, internet etc) or an understnding of the required documents and the process of submitting them, TWE can help. With will instruct you on exactly which documents we will need from you. We can help with an email address, if needed, then we will complete the filing process thru the NYCDOB portal for you. 


Its that simple !! No more spending days or weekstrying to figure it ou,t or finding the spare time in an already hectic life. We've met welders whose licenses actually expired or never got filed, becasue the process was to overwhelming. TWE have it covered. TWE understands the process and requiremetns for a streamilind filing. 


Contact us right away before you expire !!!!


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Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


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