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Friends, WHEN THEY TELL YOU THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH, WALK AWAY. Better yet, RUN !!  If they are looking to eliminate a paper, trail then something isnt right. In these times, with so many forms of payment being used, and covid slowing down the need to use cash, something isnt right. Credit cards, checks, money orders, be protected with your purchase. WE take all forms of payment. Want to zelle money, sure go ahead. Dont be intimidated by fly by night companies, to wrangle cash from you. You work hard for your money, protect it.


No need to worry about virus controls and social distancing while testing or training. Dont be crammed in ! We have social distancing using concrete walls for all out booths. We have Point of Contact Ventilation for each booth. We keep 400 sqft of open space in the middle of the shop ! All our washrooms have antibacterial soap for hand washing guidelines. All booths and washrooms disenfected at night !!! Welders are schedlued for alternating start times for testing and training. Our instructor is vaccinated !


As far as training goes, it is obvious that trades are ESSENTIAL. Doctors, lawyers, retail stores, IG nfluencers, were all out of work !!! Get ready for the next wave of welders being needed across the State of NY.  Train at the original and only registered private school on Long Island. Our school is a school, not a body shop. truck repair or half attended warehouse open on weekends. We are where the people looking to be welders come. Check us out. 15years in the training and testing business. NYC, AWS, NYS ASME, API, whatever you need.


TWE is the premier welding training and testing facility, in the Tri State Area. 


We realized years ago, the need for an actual personal welding school here on long Island. Not the back room, or weld in my truck shop kind of atmosphere. Not the set in stone times and dates as a state run location. Not the high prices either. All of our courses include the testing. 


We live in the real world as you do. Life happens. We all need to have flexibilty. We understand that, and work with you all the way from beginner to fully qualified, no matter what obstacles life add to the mix.


We currently work with several AWS ATFs in order to bring you the exact qualification or certification you may need for a particular job or location. We have onsite and off site testing for all our welders in the courses.  All structural courses can include, either testing to NYSDOT or AWS ATF certifications. Either option entitles you to apply for the NYCDOB welder withouh any further weld testing.Testing prices are INCLUDED in all course pricing. NO HIDDEN FEES


What makes our school stand above the rest, is that our courses are personal. 4-6 welders at a time attend. We design each class around you. You work one on one with our instructor. All state of the art equipment with live and running tutorials on TV, on any objective we are working on. All work is hands on


WE also are approved for AWS S>E>N>S>E training and testing of welders. Longer and more detailed tehn wotkshops or short courses. This progtam involves fabrication , knowledeg and practical exams. Two levels of Qualification and Certification are available !! You can review the AWS S>E>N>S>E progam on the AWS website.


We specialize in the ASME and API welding codes. We are approved by NYC DOB for pipe welder qualifications and NYS DOT for structural, which in turn is used for NYC DOB structural. Our welders have gone into several of the piping Steamfitter and Boilermaker jobs. As well as the structural field.


"The Welding Expert" is a one stop shop utilizing full calibrated equipment, as well as complete ventilation systems and electrical for each welding station. We have central airconditioning in summer and a fully heated shop in the winter.


We run several codes including the ASME 6G. Currently required for NYC for piping and pressure vessels. We use AWS D1.x, API 1104 as well as many other customer specific codes.


API 1104 is also one of our heavily sort after courses. Pipelines are in right now!!


Our team has an extensive background in boiler and pressure vessel welding which spans over 40 years. Numerous welder qualifications for ASME section IX, AWS D1.1, 1.6, and 1.9, API 1104 for multiple welder qualifications and Level III certifications in PT, MT & RT. 


We currently have several AWS CWI's available, as well as an OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer. We have specialist instructors for specific processes when needed. SMAW, TIG, FCAW GMAW, whatever it is, we have a specialist to cover that.

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Clink link below for info on Boilermakers priority applicants with welding qualifications

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The Welding Expert

101 Rome Street

Farmingdale, NY 11735

 (347) 668-5396


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We have schedules that run 6 days a week and several facilitators to accomodate the vast array of schedules to meet client/student needs.


Our training hours are flexible to accomodate you, with daytime and evening hours to be arranged. 


We also schedule weekends. For testing and our new welding workshop/clinic programs.

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